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Medical Collection



The University of Zurich’s Medical Collection is one of the most significant in Europe. More than 20’000 objects are currently being inventoried and prepared for scientific research. The collection focuses on medical instruments and equipment for diagnosis and therapy.

The Zurich collection’s high coverage of the 19th century and exemplary pieces from the 17th and 18th centuries set it apart from other similar collections. The surgical, obstetrical, ophthalmological and orthopaedic subcollections are especially extensive. Further highlights include instruments and equipment used for research and surgery by important doctors of the University of Zurich and the surrounding region, as well as devices and remedies used in alternative medicine.

Additions to the collection

Apart from selectively complementing our instrument ranges we wish to collect objects that throw light on medicinal practices beyond technology. We are especially interested in objects that represent people and their destinies, medical organizations and institutions, as well as the interactions between medical care and the social and political environment.

If you own objects with which you wish to complete our collection, please contact us

Collection concept

The concept of the collection (German language) is now accessible here.

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Insights into our daily working life

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